Apply when there is a risk of frost

Apply when there is a risk of frost

The application of coating mortars below 5 ºC entails the risk of the appearance of ice crystals, which produce a considerable decrease in the resistance of the products.

Prior analysis

It is of vital importance to take into account some aspects when applying a coating mortar, among them, the temperature: 

  • Surface temperature:

When temperatures are very low (< 5 ºC), the paste may freeze on contact with the surface, causing it not to adhere to the surface.

  • Ambient temperature:

The ambient temperature also has an influence, which also freezes the mixing water present in the mixture, causing the appearance of ice crystals, which considerably reduce the final strength of the product.

Technical considerations

The use of GECOL Antigel antifreeze is indicated for those situations in which we need to make progress in our work, but frost is expected, or in those circumstances in which temperatures are below 5 ºC and, therefore, the use of setting accelerators is ruled out.

To avoid the appearance of ice crystals, simply add the indicated proportion of GECOL Antigel to each bag of product, substituting it in the mixing water.

The limits of use of the mixture with GECOL Antigel are the same as those of any coating mortar. Not to be used with adhesives.

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Warnings: The data provided in this Construction Solution have been elaborated on the basis of the usual construction site processes. However, we recommend that for any particular circumstance you consult our Technical Department.