Description and uses of the product

G100 Flexible rápido is an adhesive-gel monocomponent, ultra-fast curing, highly deformable and with high technical requirements.


Hybrid technology (resin-cement), is especially recommended for surfaces subject to extreme thermal important variations (exposed facades, radiant heating systems, cold rooms, etc.) and compromised situations (overlays, heavy traffic, etc.) in which ultra-fast setting is required (2 hours).

“Highly deformable’’


Adhesive-gel, with low emissions and variable rheology, made of resin-cement base, selected natural mineral aggregates and powder-binding structural fibres, which give it qualities for its application in Multisupports, Multiformats and Multiprestations.

Thanks to its accelerated adhesion, it has an excellent behavior in the adhesion of marbles and granites, since, due to its rapid drying, it prevents the appearance of stains derived from the use of other types of normal drying adhesives.


When drying, its nominal structure does not produce shrinkage and the tixo-fluid texture allows applications, both vertical and horizontal.



25 kg laminated paper sacks.

Colours: grey.


Single spread: +/- 3.0 – 3.5 kg /m2

Double spread: +/- 6.0 – 6.5 kg /m2