Mortelan cement cola mult

MORTELAN Cemento cola multiusos


Deformable, no slip, cement adhesive developed for the installation of all kinds of ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, pieces without absorption, marble, granite, natural and/or artificial stone.

Mortelan junta blanco polar

MORTELAN Junta blanco polar


Deformable, single-component and waterproof cement mortar developed for grouting thin joints (up to 5 mm) in all types of ceramic tiles, marble, granite, natural stone, etc.

Mortelan cemento blanco

MORTELAN Cemento blanco


High-resistance hydraulic binder preparation ready to mix with aggregates of different types and granulometry, producing different types of brickwork mortars.

Mortelan Mortero de albañilería

MORTELAN Mortero de albañilería


Cement and siliceous-aggregate dry mortar, ready for use.

It is suitable for all types of general brickwork work.

Mortelan cemento rapido

MORTELAN Cemento rápido


Fast-setting natural cement suitable for fixings and beddings which require immediate implementation.

Mortelan yeso



Gypsum preparation, fine finish, easy application valid to all types of repairs in interior wall spaces, quickly and economically.

Mortelan escayola



Preparation plaster, fine finish, easy application and sanding, undiminished, valid for moulding, craftwork and repair plaster decorative materials such as mouldings, panels, rosettes, ceilings, etc., indoors quickly and economic.

Mortelan plaste interiores

MORTELAN Plaste interiores


Spackling powder, designed to repair minor damage, plastering, smoothing and cover cracks in coatings and ceilings.

Mortelan plaste exteriores

MORTELAN Plaste exteriores


Fibre-reinforced powder mortar, flexible, high adhesion and low shrinkage, designed for plastering, waterproofing, smoothing and cover cracks in interior and exterior coatings and ceilings. It provides a fine, durable and high-quality finish, and can be applied on substrates of cement, concrete, stone and others of similar nature.