G#color Elastic-MS

Description and uses of the product

G#color Elastic-MS is a MS polymer-based elastomeric monocomponent sealant for high-quality adhesion and sealing.


Adheres without priming the most commonly used materials in construction and industry (glass, ceramic, wood and wood products, metals, PVC, PMMA, polyester, etc.), even on wet surfaces.


Valid for sealing structural joints in interior and exterior floors and walls, formwork joints,

immersion joints and irrigation channels, etc.


Excellent resistance to UV exposure (does not crack or yellow).


“Adheres on wet surfaces”


Paintable and does not contaminate subsequent painting.


Flexible product in a wide range of temperatures (-40ºC to +90ºC).

Its neutral composition does not corrode metals or attack typical construction substrates (concrete, brick, marble, etc.).


G#color Elastic-MS Transparente (transparent), thanks to its formula free from loads and solvents, does not attack surfaces, thereby offering a completely crystal-clear colour.



Boxes of 12 units (290 ml x 12 cartridges with clip tube)

Colours: grey, white, black, brown, and transparent.


Varies according to the type of application.

Approximate formula for calculation: L = Q / W x D


Q = quantity of cartridge in ml.

L = length of seal in meters per cartridge.

W = width of joint in mm.

D = depth of joint in mm.