G#color Junta epoplus

Description and uses of the product

G#color Junta epoplus is an epoxy resin-based tile joint.


Bicomponent, easy to clean, developed for the filling of joints from 2 to 15 mm in all types of ceramics and stone material.


It can be applied indistinctly in pavements and coatings, both indoors and outdoors, in which special demands are required (antacid), obtaining a decorative, aesthetic, durable, high quality and free of efflorescence.

“Joints from 2 to 15 mm”


In addition to the usual supports in masonry, it is also indicated for other specials such as metal, polyester, epoxy flooring, old ceramic tiles, etc.


It is a product resistant to chemical and bacteriological attacks, is highly resistant to bleaches, salt water, acids, organic liquids and mineral compounds.

Its use as a grout allows the execution of completely watertight joints,


Grout anti-stain, waterproof and high resistance to abrasion and very fine texture, which allows to perform impeccable finishes.


“Watertight joints”



Plastic container of 5 kg.

Colours: white, light grey, dark grey, black, beige and chocolate.

For other colours ask availability.


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