Description and uses of the product

G#color Junta-F PLUS is a flexible, single-component and waterproof cement mortar developed for grouting thin joints (up to 6mm) in all types of ceramic tiles, marble, granite, natural stone, etc.


“Up to 6mm”


It can be applied to flooring and wall coverings,

in interiors and exteriors, getting aesthetic and durable decorative finishes.


It is especially recommended for grouting in swimming pools and other places susceptible to permanent damp.

It offers excellent cleanliness, high resistance to abrasion and a very fine texture (it does not scratch), enabling impeccable finishes to be achieved.


“Total colour uniformity”


The formulation of this joint includes a preservation and proliferation of mould system.



25 kg laminated paper sacks and high quality metallized polyethylene bags 5 kg into 25kg boxes (5 bags x 5kg)

Colours: colour chart


Varies according to the dimensions of the ceramic tiles, width and depth of the joint.

c junta F_UK