G#color Junta premium

Description and uses of the product

G#color Junta premium is a joint-GEL, of a resin-cement hybrid nature, deformable, water-repellent, fast setting, developed to fill joints without loss, up to 8 mm in all types of ceramics and stone materials.


“Total colour uniformity”


It can be applied indistinctly in pavements and coatings,

both indoors and outdoors, in which special requirements are required as well as a quick commissioning, obtaining a decorative, aesthetic, durable, high quality and free of efflorescence.


Thanks to the combination of special hydraulic binders, waterproofing and waterproofing additives, it develops a surface resistant 

to chemical aggressions (household cleaning products, chlorinated water, bleach, soda, pH> 3 acids) and dirt.


It is especially recommended for grouting in swimming pools, facades, high traffic and other places susceptible to permanent humidity.

Excellent cleaning, high resistance to abrasion and very fine texture (no scratch), which allows impeccable finishes.


“Fast setting 3 hours”


This board incorporates in its formulation a system that prevents the proliferation of mould.



25 kg laminated paper sacks and high-quality metallized polyethylene bags 5 kg into 25 kg boxes (5 bags x 5 kg)

Colours: colour chart


Varies according to the dimensions of the ceramic, width and depth of the joint.

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