GECOL 450 Blanco


Description and uses of the product

GECOL 450 Blanco is a high-resistance white cement preparation ready to mix with aggregates of different types (lime, siliceous, dolomite, etc.) and granulometry, producing different types of brickwork mortars (masonry work, brickwork in general, renders, etc.).

It is the ideal material for soil cement, gravel cement and floor stabilisation.

It is also extensively used for grouting work in flooring and wall coverings using conventional ceramic tiles and natural stone and in swimming pools.

It has excellent whiteness.

It can be used in either interiors or exteriors.



25 kg laminated paper sacks

Colour: white


As a mixture with other aggregates: Varies according to the mortar type and application

As a grout (kg / m2): Varies according to the dimensions of the ceramics, and the joint width and depth