GECOL Antigel


Description and uses of the product

GECOL Antigel is a chloride-free liquid antifreeze additive. In cold environments, the freezing temperature decreases, reducing the risk of ice crystal formation in concrete and cement-based mortars.


“Liquid antifreeze additive”

Improves the mechanical resistance of mortar / concrete, increasing its performance in freeze / thaw cycles.


Anticorrosive product, thanks to the absence of chlorides.


Ready to use, easy to dose by incorporating it into the mixing water.

It is a colourless product and its addition to mortars / concretes improves the workability and impermeability of the mix.


5 litres containers and pack of 6 plastic bottles of 1 l

Colour: colourless.


+/- 300 ml to 900 ml per 25 kg of cement.

+/- 25 ml to 100 ml per sack of GECOL Monocapa or GECOL Revoco.