GECOL Aqua mur

GECOL Aqua mur


Description and uses of the product

GECOL Aqua mur is a mineral covering mortar designed for cleaning up walls affected by rising damp and efflorescence.


It is a very breathable product which is rainproof but highly permeable to water vapour, thereby enabling the building to breathe properly and preventing possible condensation.

In new builds, it can be used as a treatment to prevent future rising damp and prevent the mortar porosity from being decreased by salt.


It is extensively used in interiors and exteriors.




It can be used manually (using a trowel) and by means of spraying machinery.

Its compensated granulometry and the use of high-quality plasticisers mean that it extends the life of spraying machinery and all its similar components (casing, whisks, etc.)


Once it has been applied, it can be covered with highly breathable materials (ex. silicate paint like GECOL Cril silicato)



25 kg laminated paper sacks.

Colour: white


+/- 13 kg / m2 and cm thickness