GECOL Cartón-yeso


Description and uses of the product

GECOL Cartón-yeso is a one-component, deformable cementitious adhesive, developed for the placement of all types of ceramics, porcelain tiles, non-absorbent pieces, vitrified coverings, marbles, granites, natural and / or artificial stones, on prefabricated plates of low rigidity.

Its use is extensive on all types of laminated gypsum boards (PYL), both waterproof and non-waterproofed, as well as on cement plates with fiberglass veil.


“All types of laminated gypsum boards (PYL)”

It has an excellent behaviour, both in adhesion and penetration on the protective cellulose film of the plaster, as well as its high wetting power, which makes it possible to rectify misplaced pieces.



Sacks of plasticized paper of 25 kg.

Colours: white


Simple spread: +/- 3 – 3,5 kg / m2

Double spread: +/- 5 – 5.5 kg / m2