GECOL Caucho


Description and uses of the product

GECOL Caucho is an acrylic copolymer-based semi-liquid fibre-reinforced paste which is ready for use.


It is suitable for waterproofing in terraces, roofs, repairing surfaces with leaks, etc.

It is passable sporadically, except heavy traffic.


“Waterproofing in terraces, roofs,etc.”


It is not inflammable and is recommended for domestic use.


It can be applied by brush, roller or spray gun and enables successive


coats to be applied (one on top of the other), if necessary. This enables a highly flexible final membrane to be achieved which has excellent waterproofing properties.



1, 4 and 20 kg plastic containers

Colour: red, brick red, white, green, grey and black.


+/- 2 kg /m2 (recommended application of at least 3 coats)