GECOL Cril silicato

GECOL Cril silicato


Description and uses of the product

GECOL Cril silicato is a silicate coating of high purity, breathable for the decorative finish of facades.


Designed for the decoration, renovation and waterproofing of exterior and interior facades, where high breathability is required.

Thanks to its nature, it prevents the appearance of fungi and bacteria, it resists the alkalinity of the support, aging and ultra violet rays.


“High breathability”

Excellent covering power, it is a waterproof coating against rainwater, but permeable to water vapor and condensation produced inside the building.



Containers of 23.5 kg

Colours: colour chart.


Theoretical yield: 0.100 – 0.125 kg / m2 per layer. (Depending on the absorption and irregularity of the support).