GECOL Desincrustante

GECOL Desincrustante


Description and uses of the product

GECOL Desincrustante is a chemical cleaner which removes cement and efflorescent salts.


It has been formulated based on inorganic acids and strengthened with organic acids. It also contains corrosion inhibitors and anti-foaming agents.


“Strengthened with organic acids”

Its special composition means that it has a powerful penetrating and wetting effect and can remove cement debris, mortar, incrusted salts and fats.


It is especially suitable for cleaning:


  • Ceramic tile wall coverings and flooring with debris from cement adhesives, joint mortars, cement, plaster, paint, cement stucco work, etc.
  • Cement debris on metal surfaces.


  • Removal of efflorescent on single-coat mortar, render and plaster.


  • Cleaning facing brick facades.


  • Restoration of original colour in brick and concrete facades.


1 and 5 litres plastic containers

Colour: colourless


Varies according to the type of application