GECOL Nivelante 10-R PLUS


Description and uses of the product

GECOL Nivelante 10-R PLUS is a fast-setting cement mortar suitable for leveling, repairing and raising interior floors, on both new and existing surfaces.




It is a very fluid and pumpable mortar with excellent self-leveling properties,

reaching a thickness of up to 10 mm in a single coat, although it can also be applied in successive coats, one on top of the other, if the intention is to achieve greater thicknesses.


“10 mm in a single coat”


It offers high mechanical resistance and an excellent final finish, with a very smooth texture.

Its fast setting means that the surfaces are free from residual damp, thereby enabling the installation of light flooring such as wood, linoleum, ceramic, natural stone, etc.



25 kg laminated paper sacks

Colour: reddish gray


+/- 1,5 kg / m2 and mm thickness