Pools for an entire life


GECOLPOOL is the most complete offer on the market in solutions for waterproofing and lining swimming pools. Solutions that adapt to all types of water (chlorinated, salty or saline chlorinated), waterproofing and finishes for concrete, fiber-based and EPS block pools.


GECOLPOOL was born with the philosophy of building ‘Pools for an entire life‘: pools that are built or rehabilitated with the most appropriate materials to avoid short- and long-term pathologies as well as water leaks, which makes these systems a sustainable solution with environment.

A pool in your daily life 


Whether summer or winter, add a pool to your day to day!


Diving into a pool always brings us different benefits. Swimming is a sport and as such, it helps us maintain our physical shape: it strengthens muscles, prevents and relieves back pain, helps us lose weight… 


It also helps us maintain our mental health because it helps to relieve stress. In addition, we can do it at almost any age, alone, or in company, thus helping with family reconciliation.

Previous considerations


At GECOLPOOL we propose a series of considerations for you to take into account when building or renovating your pool with our systems:

Choose the right support

The type of support for the pool is the base from which the rest of the system will be built.​ The choice will depend on whether it is a new or refurbished pool, the budget, climate or location of the pool, among other issues. 

At GECOLPOOL we offer solutions for the 3 most widespread types of supports on the market: Concrete, fiber and EPS blocks.

Saline or chlorinated water?

This is one of the most important decisions, since the type of water depends on the materials that will be used for its construction or rehabilitation, as well as its maintenance in the future.

While the chemistry of chlorine helps fight germs for water disinfection, saline pools use salt chlorinators to perform the same function.


Choosing the type of waterproofing most appropriate is essential because it will depend on the fact that they do not appear future leaks or cracks. 

At GECOLPOOL we offer a wide range of pozzolanic, flexible and deformable waterproofing products that adapt to any type of need in the swimming pool sector.

Professional installers

We recommend the use of professional installers for GECOLPOOL Systems, since it not only depends on the choice of materials, but also on the quality of a qualified workforce. 

It is necessary a technical knowledge of the products to be able to carry out a correct application of the same. 

Correct maintenance

All construction needs maintenance and a pool, even more. Because it is not only the maintenance of water, but of the supports, filters and even the state of the ceramics and joints.

We recommend being aware of possible water leaks to avoid wasting it. 

Enjoy your pool

Without a doubt, it is one of the most important points: what is the point of having it at your disposal if you do not enjoy it?

At GECOLPOOL we design systems that help build pools for a lifetime. Choose the system you need and jump right in!

The environment also needs a pool for an entire life


Despite the fact that a swimming pool is not associated with sustainability a priori, but rather with waste, swimming pools can be much more respectful of the environment than we think. For example, one of the points to take into account is the correct waterproofing of the pool from the beginning. And it is that the pools that are made and waterproofed with the appropriate materials and applications do not have leaks, so much less water is wasted and therefore, they are more respectful with the environment . In addition, there are other elements that contribute to the sustainability of the pool:

Water management and maintenance

water maintenance, swimming pools can consume much less water since we will not have to empty the glass and fill it again every year. The Spanish Association of Pool Sector Professionals, ASOFAP, proposes some simple points so that maintenance does not require more than 30 minutes a week, such as: monitoring the water level, emptying the skimmer baskets or verifying the clogging of the filter.

Reduce the use of chemicals

We recommend using efficient filtration systems that speed up the treatment of chemical products. Chemicals are used to maintain the water and to prevent the appearance of microorganisms, but there are alternatives such as purification plants or sand filters that keep the water clean and eliminate possible bacteria.

Energy efficiency

To increase the energy efficiency of the pool, we must take into account the energy certification of the electronic components of the pool, such as the pump, treatment plant and even the lights or the motor of the cover if it had one. In addition, if we choose an automatic or semi-automatic robot, program it only to cover real maintenance needs and cleanliness real.

What do the professionals say?

ASOFAP is aware of the importance of building increasingly sustainable swimming pools and they defend “that the design and maintenance of an aquatic facility must be done by carefully considering how to optimize the use of water, the energy consumption and the use of chemical products“.

Why is it so important?


As we have already mentioned, building or rehabilitating a swimming pool correctly can avoid construction pathologies in the short and long term, such as the falling of the ceramic, the evaporation of the joint or problems with the finish. At the sustainability level, a pool that has the right elements will use less energy, it will not have to be emptied every year, it will avoid water leaks and, in addition, we leave you these tips: 

Did you know....?

Did you know....?

The leaks appear because some element of the pool has ceased to be watertight and this causes the water to begin to filter through that area.
Did you know...?

Did you know...?

The most common is that the partial reform of a swimming pool costs between 1.500 € and 8.000 €
Did you know...?

Did you know...?

In 8 days a pool can lose around 6% of the total volume of water.



Each type of pool has a series of specific requirements. GECOLPOOL offers three main systems for the three types of supports most widespread on the market. Consult our solutions and discover which one best suits your project:

You can also consult directly the systems of each support: