GECOL Pronto

GECOL Pronto


Description and uses of the product

GECOL Pronto is an ultra-fast setting single-component cement mortar designed for sealing water leaks and for rapid masonry fixings.


It is a product which is highly resistant to sea water and aggressive water (pH>5), is chloride-free and can subsequently be coated with all types of mortars, ceramic tiles, paint, etc.


It is suitable for any brickwork in which high

short-term resistance is required, in work such as: bedding, installation of frames, rods, pipes, hinges, fixing urban furniture (signs, drain covers, wastepipes, etc.).


“Resistant to sea water”


It even sets when immersed in water and is also therefore recommended for repairs to pipes,

covering and sealing water leaks in wells, ponds, basements, tunnels, etc., through cracks or breakages, under pressure and back pressure.



25 kg laminated paper sacks and boxes of 25 kg (5 bags x 5 kg)

Colour: grey


+/- 2 kg / litre to be filled