GECOL Reparatec R2

GECOL Reparatec R2


Description and uses of the product

GECOL Reparatec R2 is a single-component, thixotropic and glass-fibre reinforced mortar designed for all types of aesthetic concrete repairs.


“Glass-fibre reinforced”


It has excellent adherence on concrete and mortars, high mechanical resistance and it is resistant to sulphates and marine environments.

It is especially suitable for patching up damage to concrete, repairing or sealing pores and cavities, coating structural elements in beams, floor slabs and pillars, leveling of gunite and other repair works (borders, re-profiling joints, etc.)


“Resistant to sulphates and marine environments”

The texture of finish is very fine.


It is applied with a trowel.



25 kg laminated paper sacks

Colour: grey


1,8 kg + / 0,3 kg m2 and mm thickness