GECOL Reparatec R4 fluido

GECOL Reparatec R4 fluido


Description and uses of the product

GECOL Reparatec R4 fluido is a self-leveling mortar for structural repair and passivation of concrete.


“Glass-fibre reinforced”


Single-component, thixotropic and glass-fibre reinforced, which confers high mechanical resistance, adherence to concrete and application to great thicknesses.

Designed using special cements, resistant to sulphates and marine environments.


“Resistant to sulphates and marine environments”


It is especially suitable for repairs of structural elements on horizontal surfaces by direct pouring, pouring by formwork or 

by injection in which a protection against the corrosion of the reinforcements is wanted of: columns, balconies, bridge beams, treatment plants, repair of potholes and regeneration of concrete floors, tunnels, large pillars Transfer of cargo, retaining walls, etc.


Suitable for the regeneration of concrete degraded by corrosion of framework or carbonation.



25 kg plasticized paper bags

Colour: grey


+/- 1.8 kg / m2 and mm of thickness