GECOL Reparatec R4 rápido

GECOL Reparatec R4 rápido


Description and uses of the product

GECOL Reparatec R4 rápido is a fast setting, thixotropic, glass-fibre reinforced and compensated shrink single component mortar, designed for all types of concrete structural repairs and passivation.


“Glass-fibre reinforced”


It has excellent adhesion on concrete and mortars, high mechanical resistance

and is resistant to sulphates and marine environments.


“Paintable within 4 hours”


It is especially suitable for the repair of concrete damage, repair and sealing in which a protection against the corrosion of the reinforcements is wanted of pores, concrete blockworks, cladding of structural elements in

beams, forgings, pillars, regularization of gunites and other repair work (edges, refined of joints, etc.)


The finishing texture is very fine.



25 kg plasticized paper bags

Colour: grey


+/- 1.8 kg / m2 and mm of thickness