GECOL Revestcril


Description and uses of the product

GECOL Revestcril is a plastic, acrylic and mineral coating, mass-coloured wall covering in water dispersion designed for the decoration, renovation and waterproofing of facades.


It is especially recommended for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (GECOL TERM (SATE / ETICS)), in work to restore old buildings and in new builds


It is a product which is compatible with most traditional brickwork surfaces.


“Coat, waterproof and decorate”


It is a wall covering which is rainproof but permeable to the water vapour and condensation produced in building interiors.

It can be used manually and by means of spraying machinery, enabling the appearance of the facade to be changed in a single operation.


It also offers different aesthetic options with regard to colours and textures (floated, stippled and distressed).



25 kg plastic containers

Colours: colour chart


Textures and finishes:

  • GECOL Revestcril floated:

1,9 kg + / – 0,5 kg / m2 per coat. (1,5 mm).

  • GECOL Revestcril lined: (*)

3 kg + / – 0,5 kg / m2 per coat. (2,5 mm).

  • GECOL Revestcril fine: (*)

2,2 kg + / – 0,5 kg / m2 per coat. (1,5 mm).


(*) Make to order. Check the availability.