GECOL Sec cal

GECOL Sec cal


Description and uses of the product

GECOL Sec cal is a dry mortar based on natural aerial lime and selected premium aggregates, prepared for use.


It is especially recommended for restoration and renovation work (ex. cleaning up walls and grouting stone blocks), although it is also extensively used in new builds to carry out any general brickwork: masonry, plaster, assembly of cement blocks or

eramic brick, raising, flooring, etc.


“It is 100% natural and resin and additive-free”


As the product has been prepared and measured out in advance, there is no need to mix any cement with sand, thus avoiding any resulting errors. It is only necessary to add the right amount of water.


It is easy to work with and has excellent plasticity.

It can be used manually and by means of spraying machinery.


It is a product which is highly permeable to water vapour, thermal and very breathable.


It is 100% natural and resin and additive-free.



25 kg laminated paper sacks

Colours: colour chart


Varies according to the work to be carried out