How to make light screeds with weight problems

How to make light screeds with weight problems

Light, insulating solutions based on expanded clay respond to the need to avoid overloading frameworks, maintaining and improving the necessary requirements in this type of interventions.

Preliminary analysis

Traditional solutions increase the weight of the building structure, which suffers the consequences.

In many cases, in rehabilitations this new traditional framework is not acceptable and in new constructions it would increase the cost of foundations.

The use of light solutions avoids adding extra weight to buildings, which is of utmost importance in high-rise structures.

Light mortars make it possible to build frameworks with up to 40% less structural weight, in addition to improving thermal and acoustic behavior.

In all these applications, in addition to taking advantage of all the additional characteristics of expanded clay and its derivative products, which are hardwearing, stable, incombustible, resistant to high temperatures, completely rot-proof and not attackable by parasites.

Technical considerations

When building frameworks, various factors must be taken into account when preparing the substrate and subsequently applying the product:

  • The substrates must be clean, resistant and moist.
  • Expansion joints must be disposed in joins and, in general, all the expansion joints described in the project must be respected.
  • Mix, pour and spread with a minimum thickness of 3 cm, leveling recoverable guide screeds.
  • Let dry for a minimum of 12 hours.
  • Apply the desired coating.

Recommended products

Light aggregate

Insulating aggregate

Warnings: The data provided by this Constructive Solution were prepared based on standard onsite installation processes. However, we recommend that you consult our Technical Department in the event of any specific circumstance