Regularisation of façades with plastic finishes

Regularisation of façades with plastic finishes

When we need to renew the appearance of a façade that has a textured plastic finish, we cannot use conventional plaster-based fillers, as they deteriorate when in contact with humidity.

Prior analysis

To regularise an exterior facing with a plastic finish, the following considerations must be taken into account:

  • Stability of the facing
  • Adhesion on acrylic top coat
  • Lightweight material

Technical considerations

Prior to application, we must check the stability of the plastic coating we wish to renovate and remove any remaining dirt, mould or algae. To do this we can use diluted GECOL Desincrustante and rinse with water.

Then apply a layer of up to 5 mm of GECOL Rasoplast and smooth the surface.

Once dry, apply a finishing coat with one of the products from the GECOL Cril or GECOL Revestcril range.

Recommended products



Plastic coatings


Silicate coating

Elastic paint finish

High quality coating 

Stone coating

Acrylic coating

Decontaminant and waterproof coating 

Acrylic coating with siloxane

Acrylic coating of high deformability


Acid cleaner

Warnings: The data provided in this Construction Solution have been elaborated on the basis of the usual construction site processes. However, we recommend that for any particular circumstance you consult our Technical Department.