Description and uses of the product

SOPRADRY G is a single-component coating mortar, suitable for waterproofing and regularizing, in a thick layer, on walls and other supports that present humidity problems.


Specially designed for underground waterproofing (tanks, basements, car parks, ponds, tunnels, elevator shafts, foundations, etc.)

Resistant to sea water, aggressive waters (pH>5) and to the pressure and back pressure of the water.


“Sea ​​water resistant”


It can be used on walls, floors and ceilings, both indoors and outdoors and allows thicknesses of 10 mm

in a single layer, although greater thicknesses are required, these are achieved by successively applying a layer over the previous one (once dry).


It is applied with a trowel (in a thick layer) and later it can be covered with all kinds of mortars, ceramics, paints, etc.



25 kg laminated paper bags

Color: Gray


2,0 kg + /- 0,5 kg / m² and mm of thickness