Description and uses of the product

SOPRADRY MUR is a mineral coating mortar, designed for cleaning up walls affected by capillary rising damp and efflorescence.


It is a highly breathable product, impermeable to rainwater, but highly permeable to water vapour, thereby allowing proper transpiration of the building and avoiding possible condensation.

In new construction, it can be used as a preventive treatment of future humidity due to capillary rise and to avoid clogging by salts of the porosity of the mortar.

Its use is extensive both indoors and outdoors.




It can be used both manually (trowel) and by projection machines.

Given its balanced granulometry and the use of high-quality plasticizers, it extends the life of the spraying machinery and all its related components (jackets, beaters, etc.)


Once applied, it can be covered with highly breathable materials (ej.GECOL Cril silicato)



25 kg laminated paper bags

Color: white


+/- 13 kg / m² and cm of thickness