Description and uses of the product

Agglomerated cork sheet and recycled rubber, for application as acoustic insulation against impact noise on floors. Allows direct grip of ceramic flooring.


TEXCORK dB is suitable for acoustic insulation of floors against impact noise, in rehabilitation, applied directly under:


  • Ceramic flooring
  • Vinyl flooring



  • Adhered with adhesive gel or polyurethane adhesive directly on resistant slab.
  • Receive the ceramic flooring directly with adhesive gel with single or double gluing depending on the type of tile.
  • If the finishing flooring is parquet, laminated wood or parquet, it can be applied directly on the product TEXCORK dB.



  • Good impact noise insulation with low thickness.
  • High durability.
  • Compressibility under long-lasting load.
  • Ecological and respectful with the environment.


  • Easy to install.
  • Allows direct grip of ceramic flooring.
  • Can be laid over existing pavement.


  • Sistema de Calidad de acuerdo a la ISO:9001
  • En conformidad con la norma CTE-DB-HR, EN ISO 10140-1, EN ISO 10140-3, EN ISO 10140-6, EN ISO 10140-8, y EN ISO 717/1/2.


It is supplied in rolls protected by a polyethylene film, arranged vertically on a pallet. Store inside the original packaging, indoors, in a dry place and protected from UV rays.

It is recommended that the space where the product is stored does not reach temperatures below -5 ºC or humidity above 75%.


Weight (Kg/m2) : 1,95

Thickness (mm) : 3

Length (m) : 15

Width (m) : 1

m2/roll : 15

m2/pallet : 210

Rolls/pallet : 14