Description and uses of the product

Impact noise insulation sheet for floors, made up of a high tenacity non-woven polyester felt combined with a bituminous protection.


TEXFONis suitable for acoustic insulation of floors against impact noise, as an insulating sub-layer in all types of slabs.


Also as a separator/damper element, in those applications in which a discontinuity is required between constructive elements with load solicitation.


  • Directly over heavy duty forging
  • Under loads up to 500 kg/m2.
  • Under flooring If the finishing flooring is parquet, laminated wood or parquet, it can be applied directly on the product TEXFON.

“High compressive strength’’

  • Under reinforced mortar 5 cm thick (325 g/m2) or under non-reinforced mortar 6 cm thick.


  • High insulating capacity against impact noise with low thickness.
  • High compressive strength.
  • Durability and stability over time and under load.
  • High tear and puncture resistance.
  • Easy and quick to install. manageable format.
  • Incorpora lengüeta autoadhesiva para el solape.
  • Impermeable al agua.
  • Baja permeabilidad al vapor de agua.
  • Compatible con suelo radiante


  • Quality system according to the ISO:9001
  • Environmental management system according to the ISO:14001
  • In compliance with the standard CTE-DB-HR, EN ISO 10140-1, EN ISO 10140-3, EN ISO 10140-6, EN ISO 10140-8, and EN ISO 717/1/2.


Vertical on pallets on a flat support without stacking.

Supplied in rolls with cardboard core.

Store in the original packaging, in a dry place and protected from heat, at a minimum temperature of +10ºC for at least 5 hours before use.


Length (m) : 20

Width (m) : 1,07 (overlap tab included),  1,00 (roll installed)

m2/roll : 20

m2/pallet : 320

Rolls/palet : 16