Description and uses of the product

Closed-cell, waterproof reticulated polyethylene foam sheet for acoustic insulation against impact noise.


TEXSIMPACT is indicated for: 


  • Impact noise insulation in all types of slabs.
  • Separator/damper element, in those applications that require a discontinuity between construction elements.



  • Great insulating capacity against impact noise.
  • High compressive strength.
  • Does not lose properties over time.
  • Minimum thickness loss under loads.
  • Light, flexible, easy to cut and adapt to all surfaces.
  • Waterproof.
  • Suitable for underfloor heating.



  • 1 m² of TEXSIMPACT covers approximately 0.90 m² of surface, including overlaps.
  • To place it, the support must be level and without roughness.

    “Great insulating capacity’’

  • We recommend checking that the joints are properly sealed.


  • Quality system according to the ISO:9001.
  • Environmental management system according to the ISO:14001
  • In compliance with the standard CTE-DB-HR, EN ISO 10140-1, EN ISO 10140-3, EN ISO 10140-6, EN ISO 10140-8, and EN ISO 717/1/2.


It is supplied in coils protected by a polyethylene bag. Store in the original packaging, in a dry place and protected from UV rays. The stored product, kept from the elements, does not show loss of properties over time.


Check that the support is free of sharp elements that could damage the sheet.


Thickness (mm) : 5 (TEXSIMPACT 5)  /  10 (TEXSIMPACT 10)

Length (m) : 50 (TEXSIMPACT 5)  /  50 (TEXSIMPACT 10)

Width (m) : 2 (TEXSIMPACT 5)  /  2 (TEXSIMPACT 10)

m2/coil : 100 (TEXSIMPACT 5)  /  100 (TEXSIMPACT 10)