Sistema de aislamiento térmico exterior | Acabado mineral y acrílico

External thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS), mineral and acrylic finish

The implementation of a regulatory framework regulates the constructive quality of the buildings, in relation to their exterior insulation, requires greater thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as greater protection from humidity and fire.

This type of construction system provides comprehensive insulation of the entire building envelope, completely breaking the thermal bridges that could be generated therein.

Preliminary analysis

Requirements in terms of comfort and energy savings levels is ever-increasing, both in civil and residential construction.

All of these questions, which have been raised from the Technical Building Code (CTE), are addressed by the increasingly higher demand for and use of this construction system, as:

Allows continuous insulation, avoiding thermal bridges.

Reduces consumption for climate control by approximately 60%.

Reduces the condensations generated in the interior of the building.

Facilitates the rehabilitation of the building, as the work is performed in the interior thereof.

The GECOL TERM ETICS System of External Thermal Insulation (SATE / ETICS) based on prefabricated and coated EPS or mineral wool (MW) insulating plates, responds to the need for renewing façades, based on energy criteria, in addition to providing a renewed image of the building as a whole.

The use of mineral wool (MW) insulating plates contributes an improvement in acoustic insulation and protection from fire to the system.

El GECOL TERM ETICS System is suitable for rehabilitated façades or newly built constructions in which an energy improvement action is required.

The main advantages include, most notably, improved thermal insulation of the opaque parts of the façade, significantly reducing energy losses therethrough and thermal bridges in the envelope.

The possible humidity problems generated by condensation are solved in some cases.

Lastly, high-performance finishes provide waterproofing, crack resistance and offer different aesthetic possibilities.

Technical considerations

The System aims to offer external insulation of new or existing walls.

This System is not a construction element capable of bearing loads, not directly contributing to the stability of the wall whereon it is installed, but can provide greater durability on providing additional protection against the environmental action of atmospheric agents.

There are different varieties of External Thermal Insulation Systems.

Basically, they consist of the installation of an insulating panel, which can be made of mineral wool, expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS), etc., which is fixed to the external substrate by means of an adhesive mortar of the the GECOL Term type and the use of screws and mechanical anchors.

In addition to the fixation of the insulating panels with adhesive mortar, the use of mechanical screws and anchorages is required.

The already fixed panels are coated with the same GECOL Term adhesive mortar while mesh is inserted.

There are different types of mesh, according to their resistance and uses for which it is destined.

Throughout the development of the construction project and particularly the Construction System, different types of profiles according to the specific needs of the area to be treated: corner profiles, start-up profiles, frameworks, leaks, etc.

The execution finalizes with the finish materials.

In this connection, different technical and aesthetic possibilities are offered, with products such as GECOL Revestcril, GECOL Monocapa premium y GECOL Cril elastic.

Given the extensive technical and aesthetic variety and of this Construction System, and to obtain more details on commissioning, you can consult our GECOL TERM ETICS System manual

Recommended products


Thin layer from 2 to 5 mm

Thick layer 10 mm

Adhesive mortars

Mineral coating

Lightened Monolayer

Plastic coatings

Background primer

Elastic finish

Acrylic coating finish

Decontaminant and waterproof coating 

Acrylic coating with siloxane

Acrylic coating of high deformability

Warnings: The data provided by this Constructive Solution were prepared based on standard onsite installation processes. However, we recommend that you consult our Technical Department in the event of any specific circumstance