GECOL Cril fondo

GECOL Cril fondo


Description and uses of the product

GECOL Cril fondo is a water-based primer and coloured in mass that acts as a regulator for absorption and coloration of the base coat in acrylic mortars from the GECOL Revestcril range.


“Excellent covering power and washability”

With excellent covering power, it is a waterproof bottom against rainwater, but permeable to water vapor and condensation produced inside the building.




Ready to use and easy to apply, it is specially

designed as a background regulator in the GECOL TERM (SATE / ETICS) Systems.


Formulated with additives that prevent the appearance and proliferation of mould, thus exercising greater resistance to weathering and surface aging.



25 kg containers.

Colours: colour chart.


Theoretical yield: 0.2 kg / m2