GECOL Cril piscinas


Description and uses of the product

GECOL Cril piscinas is an acrylic coating, monocomponent, in aqueous dispersion.


“100 % acrylic”


High strength, flexibility and adhesion is specially designed for waterproofing and rehabilitation in ponds, artificial lakes, reservoirs and swimming pools.

Protective and decorative layer that prevents the proliferation of algae and thanks to its rapid drying, allows an unlimited repainting.


“Waterproofing and rehabilitation”


With excellent covering power, washability, it creates a film resistant to weathering and UV rays.

Formulated with aggregates and additives that prevent retraction in drying and give it a silky look and feel.



Packages of: 6 and 20 kg.

Colours: white and blue.


Theoretical yield: 5.5 – 7 m2 / kg (per surface layer)