GECOL Imper flex


Description and uses of the product

GECOL Imper flex is an elastic, single-component, cementitious waterproofing membrane, suitable for the protection of concrete and other surfaces.


It is a fibre-reinforced membrane with high resistance to positive and negative hydrostatic pressure.

“Suitable for waterproofing on surfaces with small movements”


Specifically designed for waterproofing even below the water table. Its most common applications include waterproofing swimming pools, pools, fountains, bathrooms and shower trays prior to tiling with ceramic tiles, terraces, balconies, etc.

Once applied, it protects surfaces subject to the action of water and other external aggressions (ice, de-icing salts, chlorides, sulphates, carbon dioxide, etc.)


It is easily applied with a trowel, brush or spraying machines, and can then be covered with mortars of all kinds, ceramics, paints, etc.



Packaging: 25 kg plasticised paper bags.

Colour: grey.


+/- 3 kg /m2  (2 mm thickness)