GECOL Nivelante 35

GECOL Nivelante 35


Description and uses of the product

GECOL Nivelante 35 it is a quick-drying, self-leveling mortar for smoothing and regularizing pavements, including all types of light pavements.


“Quick commissioning”


Very fluid and pumpable mortar, with excellent self-leveling power, 

achieving from 5 up to 35 mm thick in a single layer.



“Up to 35 mm thickness per layer” 


High mechanical resistance and excellent final finish, with a very smooth texture and excellent planimetry.

Thanks to its fast dry, the supports are free of residual moisture in a short space of time, thus allowing it to accept light flooring such as wood, linoleum, ceramic, natural stone, etc.



25 kg laminated paper bags

Colour: gray


+ / – 1,5 kg + / – 0,3 kg / m2 and mm of thickness