GECOLPOOL is the most complete offer on the market of solutions for the waterproofing and coating of swimming pools. We offer solutions that adapt to all types of water (chlorinated, salty or saline chlorinated), waterproofing and finishes for concrete, fiber-based and blocks of EPS.


How to choose the right system? We explain the points to choose the system that best suits you:

According to support

The type of pool support is the foundation from which the rest of the system will be built. At GECOLPOOL we offer solutions for the 3 most widespread types of supports on the market:

Type of water

Depending on the type of water, we have two types of main subsystems:


• CLASSIC: For chlorinated or saline chlorinated water
• PREMIUM: For saline water


One of the classifications of the GECOL POOL systems is by type of water (chlorinated or saline). This is so because when certain cementitious products come into contact with salt water, it penetrates by capillary absorption through the pores of the cement or concrete and causes its degradation, cracking and even the depassivation and corrosion of the concrete reinforcement.



Choosing the most appropriate type of waterproofing is essential because it will depend onthat no leaks or cracks appear in the future.

Depending on the type of waterproofing, we find the following subsystems:


• ONE: For pozzolanic and monolithic waterproofing.
• PLUS: For flexible waterproofing.
• SMART: For deformable waterproofing.
• FAST: For quick waterproofing or small repairs.

At the systems GECOLPOOL we have considered two main types of finishes:


  • CERAMIC: Depending on the size of the tile, we recommend one type of adhesive or another from the G100 range.
  • ACRYLIC: GECOL CRIL Piscinas finished.

Configurator GECOLPOOL systems


In the following table we show a scheme with all the available systems: 


Subsystems according to type of waterproofing


One of the key points that identifies the GECOLPOOL systems is the choice of the right waterproofing. These are the subsystems according to the type of waterproofing:


Pozzolanic waterproofing: Waterproofing on stable supports without cracks. Thanks to its pozzolanic and monolithic action, it forms a structure with our mortar or concrete support.


In this case we recommend SOPRADRY F.


Deformable waterproofing: Waterproofing that resist supports with crack propagation, with hydrophobic deformable bicomponent resin which form a deformable membrane on our cement or concrete support.




Flexible waterproofing: Impermeabilización que resists supports with some propagation of cracks, with resins hydrophobic flexible monocomponents which form a flexible membrane on our cement or concrete support.


More information SOPRALASTIC 1K at this link.


Fast and deformable waterproofing: With ultra-fast setting bicomponent resin, deformable and with hydrophobic properties which form a deformable membrane on our support.