Description and uses of the product

Self-adhesive uncoupling strips of closed-cell polyethylene foam presented in natural white strips, and designed to achieve a peripheral seal between the floor and the covering of walls or partitions.




  • Compressive strength.
  • Elastic.
  • Self-adhesive format.
  • Rot-proof.



  • TEXFON BANDAS is suitable to prevent the transmission of impact noise between the floating floor and the vertical walls and structural elements for the installation of impact noise insulation products.

“Facilitates commissioning’’

  • In the case of sealed surfaces, the band creates an elastic joint between the vertical face and the thickness of the pavement.




  • Installation of insulation systems with TEXFON must be carried out by experienced personnel.
  • Strips are unrolled and placed before the screed or before placing the mortar bed and finish.
  • The tape must go at least to a height equal to the coating thickness.
  • Provisional protection must be provided in transit areas until the top layer of termination is completed.


  • In compliance with the standard CTE-DB-HR.
  • Quality system according to the ISO:9001
  • Environmental management system according to the ISO:14001


Horizontal. Store in the original packaging, in a dry place and protected from the elements and especially from high temperatures.

Check that the support is free of sharp elements that could damage the sheet.

Check that the joints are correctly sealed and that there are no openings, since small openings can reduce the level of acoustic insulation that is desired to be achieved.


Thickness (mm) : 3

Length (m) : 50 

Width (m) : 14,5

Rolls / box: 4

ml / box: 200

Box weight: 1,92