GECOL Encintado


Description and uses of the product

GECOL Encintado is a mass-coloured mortar made up of cement, lime, high-quality silicone aggregates and additives suitable for the installation and grouting of natural stone and granite.


It is recommended for restoration and renovation work (e.g. cleaning up walls and grouting stone blocks), and new builds (masonry, assembly of natural stone, granite, etc.).

“Installation and grouting of natural stone”


As the product has been prepared and measured out in advance, there is no need to mix any cement with sand, thus avoiding any resulting errors. It is only necessary to add the right amount of water.

It is a product with excellent thixotropic properties, rainproof and it can be used in either interiors or exteriors.



25 kg laminated paper sacks

Colours: colour chart


+/- 25 kg/m2 and cm thickness